We’re changing names. That’s all.

On Friday 8th November 2019
D&S Construction Ltd are changing name to BALCOMBE GROUP LTD

We’re proud to announce that we are changing our name from D&S Construction UK Ltd to Balcombe Group Ltd.

Over the last seven years our business has grown and has undergone a significant transformation adding a waste division and a reactive maintenance service alongside the Construction work which we have always be known for.
Due to our expansion we felt a new, fresh identity was needed, one that was both mature, yet simplistic and strong.

What is NOT changing?

Owners & Directors
Company Structure
Billing Department

What is changing?

Bank details

Why Balcombe Group?

This is named after a dear friend, Neville Balcombe, who passed away a year ago. Neville was a man for whom our mission statements are built around he was dependable, respectful and had integrity in abundance and was a born leader, and this is a way for his legacy to live on.

Our Contact Details

01322 534 961

61 Brushfield Street
E1 6AA
United Kingdom

Our new website is coming soon